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19257234 - 6.2L LS3 E-ROD Manual Transmission Chevrolet Performance Crate Engine

SKU: 19257234

The LS3 is the power behind the Chevy Corvette and Camaro SS. It’s rated at 430 hp in this new Crate Powertrain kit, offering the lightweight advantage of an aluminum cylinder block, aluminum heads and a composite intake manifold over cast iron engines in early cars. It’s backed by the 4L70-E four-speed overdrive automatic, which enables great highway cruising performance and fuel economy with the durability of hardened internal parts and five-pinion gearsets.

6.2L LS3 E-ROD Manual Transmission Crate Engine

Notes: Manual transmission calibration 17 tooth reluctor

In addition to the E-ROD system, the builder will need to source additional components to complete the assembly and get the vehicle running. They include:
• Fuel tank
• Fuel lines (re-circulating or returnless)
• Fuel pump
• Fuel tank vent line from the tank to the evaporative emissions canister
• Purge line from the canister to the engine purge solenoid
• Air induction system that incorporates the mass airflow sensor
• Exhaust system behind the catalytic converters

Each E-ROD engine requires a front-end accessory drive system suitable to the vehicle. The instruction manual includes recommendations for the accessory drive kit, as well as the transmission, gear ratios and more. Chevrolet Performance offers two configurations of the accessory drive systems to suit different applications; and each allows the installer to easily delete air conditioning. They include part numbers 19155066 and 19155067.

Chevrolet Performance recommends the LS1 Engine Installation Guide P/N 88959384, which illustrates basic procedures and offers helpful tips on installing an LS engine into older vehicles.

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